Dustin Mattson

Carroll, IA
Dow AgroSciences

Q. Tell us about your experience as an online learner within the Seed Technology and Business program.
The STB program has proven to be a great learning experience.  Since the course is tailored to the seed industry and presented online, it creates an opportunity to bring many individuals together from all parts of the globe and gives everyone the chance to share their personal experiences related to their career.  The instructors have created an atmosphere that promotes student involvement while providing excellent lecture material and projects that are relevant to our industry.

Q. Why did you choose to pursue ISU’s Masters in Seed Technology and Business?
Iowa State’s Masters in Seed Technology and Business seemed to fit perfectly with my career and educational goals.  I knew I wanted to continue with my education but was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to pursue an MBA or another MS path.  After doing some research I come across the STB program and found that it was a perfect blend of business and seed related content.  I was also able to gain a lot of support from my employer and others within our organization.  This support came from the fact that I am able to become a more valuable asset to the company by continuing my education without interfering with my job, and getting that education from a globally recognized school.

Q. What advice do you have for future online students thinking about applying to the program?
I would recommend this program to anybody that may be considering it.  The program allows for flexibility for those working full-time and provides a lot of valuable concepts that can immediately applied to the workplace.  I would also recommend prospective students to talk to their employer to gain their support.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the faculty you work with within this program?
The faculty of the STB program are very understanding that the students are working full-time and do a good job of making themselves available and responding to questions in a timely manner.  They also understand the seasonality of our jobs and allow for plenty of flexibility in the syllabus and schedule.

Q. Why was online learning the right choice for you?
Online learning has allowed me to be able to focus on my career and family while continuing my education.  I have been able to pace myself on completing course requirements by setting time aside on weekends and weeknights without interfering with the time I spend with my wife, son and work.

Q. What are your future plans after finishing your masters degree?
Finishing my Masters degree will allow me to excel in my current role in production and open up possibilities of moving into other areas of the seed industry.  I am currently in the process of transitioning into a new role and feel that Iowa State University and the STB program have helped me in being considered for this promotion.