Seed and Variety, Testing
and Technology


Seed Technology & Business
Semester: Summer 2021
Credit Hours: 2
Start Date: 
Delivery Method: Online – CANVAS
Course Description: 

Reference to basic statistical concepts. Concepts from seed science are applied to seed testing. The course provides seed testing procedures; sources of variation in seed testing results; and factors in the selection of vigor testing procedures. Variety evaluation procedures are presented: wide area testing in small plot trials; strip plot trials; and pre-commercial comparisons. Students will understand the function of the agronomist in seed business organizations: providing information for customers, providing information for internal decision making; and the integration of official trials into variety advancement plans.

Course Restrictions:

Enrollment in this course is restricted to graduate students in the Seed Technology & Business (STB) online master’s degree program. Please email or call 515.294.9137 if you are not an STB graduate student, special enrollment permission may be granted under certain circumstances.

Course Instructors:

David Dornbos

Mike Stahr

Future Semesters: Summer 2022

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