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“Excellent course for professional on the go. Good, practical information that can be easily applied in the work environment, which in the long run can help our farmers to boost production and productivity. At the heart of any good agricultural production system is good quality seed. This course taught how to produce, treat and distribute good quality seed and so objectives achieved!” – Seed Science & Technology

Carla Douglas, Ministry of Industry, Commerce Agriculture Fisheries, Jamaica
“The intuitive coursework will strengthen your professional work inside the seed industry. It’s also a chance to grasp other parts of the seed business such as sales, supply chain management, seed production, and research.” – Seed Business Management
Shane Svoboda, BASF
“If you are seeking a further understanding of the seed industry and how the various modules relate to and interact with one another, this is the course for you!” – Seed Science & Technology
Tanner Odom, Genective USA Corp.
“Outstanding professional development opportunity for anyone entering the seed industry or associated business.” – Seed Science & Technology
Charles Morris, BASF Ag Solutions

“This short course was a great overview of the science behind the process of parent seed and the journey it takes to get to the farmer. The amount of valuable information I received in a short week was well worth it!” – Seed Science & Technology

Anna Rief, DuPont Pioneer

“A well-designed course that gives great insight on the state of the industry and background on how our business runs.” – Seed Business Management

Colin Connor, Monsanto

“Fantastic overview of the seed industry! Presenters were very knowledgeable and personable.” – Seed Science & Technology

Katelyn Lichte, DuPont Pioneer
“This short course was wonderful in giving me an overall view of the science behind the scenes and how it impacts my role in the seed industry. It has a lot of great information that was presented in a relevant way.” – Seed Science & Technology
Sarah Schalm, DuPont Pioneer
“Thanks to STB Short Course management for pouring their hearts into organizing the course.” – Seed Science & Technology
Hamid Naeem, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Gov't of Canada

“This course exceeded my expectations, as scientific information was made very simple to understand based on the teaching strategies from the instructors. The practical sessions added in my understanding of the content. I would encourage anyone who has interest in the area to attend this short course.” – Seed Science & Technology

Alex Sybron, Research & Development, MIGAF, Jamaica
“This short course provides a great opportunity to develop one’s knowledge of the business side of the agriculture/seed industry.” – Seed Business Management
Laura Wood, Corteva AgriScience, Agriculture Division of Dow DuPont

“Great course, especially for those just entering the seed industry. Gives a detailed overview of product conception to bag.” – Seed Science & Technology


“Wealth of information to help understand the different aspects of the seed industry.” – Seed Science & Technology

Mark Streenz, DuPont Pioneer
“Great connection between academic concepts to how these concepts are used in industry.” – Seed Science & Technology
Chad Kimmelshue, Phd Candidate, Iowa State University
“This short course provided a good overall coverage of different areas of the seed industry and hopefully it will help encourage professionals to consider furthering their education in the STB program.” – Seed Science & Technology
Laura Wood, Corteva AgriBusiness

“The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the seed industry and were able to provide thought-provoking insights and discussions.” – Seed Business Management

Katelyn Lichte, DuPont Pioneer
“The short course was a great overview of management in the seed industry that is not found elsewhere.” – Seed Business Management
Ty Bodies, Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee

“A concise, yet jam-packed short course that gives you a better understanding and appreciation of seed science and technology in action.” – Seed Science & Technology

Cameedra Ram, Caribbean Agriculture Research & Development Institute, CARDI

“Great Learning Environment!” – Seed Science & Technology

Bonnie Fox, Pan American Seed/Ball Horticulture

“A very quick overview of the key technical aspects of seed business any professional could use.”” – Seed Science & Technology

Mihai Popvici, Quality Crops AGRO, SRL, Romania

Hands-on Learning. Outstanding Seed Technology and Business (STB) faculty from Iowa State University along with seed industry experts are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you by developing two, week-long, short courses designed for the seed industry professional. Hands-on demonstrations, case studies, discussion sessions, guest speakers, and local seed industry tours are all part of the educational experience. The STB Short Courses are held in the Seed Science Center (SSC) on the beautiful Iowa State University campus. The SSC houses the most comprehensive public seed testing laboratory in the world and is recognized globally as a leader in seed research and education.

Due to Covid-19, the Seed Technology & Business Short Courses have moved to a Free Webinar Series; please see details below. 

The Seed Science & Technology short course and the Seed Business Management short course are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive picture of the seed industry. Participants are encouraged to register for both the Seed Science & Technology session Dates: TBD, and the Seed Business Management session Dates: TBD for a reduced fee. However, single session registration is also available.

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Short Course Dates

Seed Business Management
April 5-9, 2021
*Due to Covid-19, the SBM short course is moving to a FREE Virtual Webinar Series for April 2021. You can find out more and register HERE.

Seed Science & Technology
Dates: TBD

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Seed Science Center
Iowa State University
2115 Osborn Drive
Ames, Iowa 50011


Please contact:
Cindy Robertson
STB Short Course Coordinator

Educational Credit

You can earn CEU and CCA credit at this program.