An International Adventure 

Starla Chauvin
Graduate of the MS in Seed Technology and Business

Starla Chauvin has always been drawn to the beauty and science of agriculture.  As a student in the Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business, Starla transitioned from a full-time employee of Monsanto to having to relocate to Germany when her husband was deployed. While in Germany, Starla and her husband took full advantage of their location and visited 19 countries in just a couple of years. Through it all, she continued to study within an industry she loves and was able to finish her master’s degree in seed technology and business.

Because Starla could no longer continue to work for Monsanto after the move to Germany, finishing her degree became a huge priority.  Being passionate about agriculture and wanting to continue to learn about the seed industry while getting to stay close to her husband, was what made the online aspect of this program critical. “The flexibility of the online format was great!  I was able to complete my assignments regardless of my workload or schedule. It didn’t matter what time zone or country I was in as I could always access my lessons, assignments, and professors.” says Starla.

As she and her family continue to move forward, Starla will be looking for a job in the seed industry again and having obtained her master’s degree from Iowa State University in Seed Technology and Business will open a lot of doors for Starla as she starts the job search. “The STB program at ISU provided me the opportunity to improve my skills, both behind the desk as well as in the field. Professionally, it gave me the knowledge and confidence necessary to move forward with my career. I personally feel that investing in your education is one of the best investments you can make. I am proud to be an alumni of a prestigious university that is so deeply rooted in agriculture and science- Iowa State University.”

“Even when I had to relocate from the U.S. to Germany, I had no issues with moving forward with my degree because of the flexibility of this program. If you are someone who wants to sharpen your leadership skills and become a better manager, the STB program is the perfect mix of business, technology, science, and agriculture.”— Starla Chauvin

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