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Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business

If you are a professional working in the seed sector, the Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business (STB) has been designed specifically with your needs in mind. The STB program offers an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree that emphasizes the development of superior problem-solving and analytic skills by providing you with current seed science and technology instruction along with essential courses in business management in a rigorous, integrated curriculum. As a program participant, you will gain fresh perspectives on the ways that seed delivers value to users and to society.

The STB program, delivered entirely online, is focused on preparing students for seed-related management roles. The Master of Science (MS) curriculum consists of fifteen courses that are developed and delivered by full-time faculty members from Iowa State University and other U.S. universities as well as seed industry professionals. Business courses highlight seed-related issues, while the science and technology courses focus on practical applications. Courses emphasize interactivity with fellow students and faculty. You will be encouraged to share your work experiences with other members of the group. In addition to assigned coursework, you will complete a three-credit creative component exploring a significant research issue of relevance to you. You will work with an Iowa State University graduate faculty committee to develop and refine your creative component project. Your online courses will typically consist of a combination of pre-recorded lectures, homework, threaded discussions, short papers, and examinations. Most importantly—you will have the freedom to study when and where your schedule permits.

For information about tuition and fees for this certificate see our Tuition and Fees page.

Admissions Procedures
An online application is required, completed through our admissions office. See our Admissions page for more information.

Standard Curriculum
The program is divided into sections on seed science, seed technology, and business. The seed policy regulation and trade section will be taught with business courses. These courses are typically required, although exceptions are possible if approved by the Program of Study Committee and the STB Director of Graduate Education.  For a listing of courses with their content descriptions, see our Course Descriptions page.

Required Courses:

STB/AGRON 535 Introduction to the Seed Industry 1
STB/AGRON 536 Quantitative Methods for Seed 2
STB/AGRON 510 Crop Improvement 3
STB/PL P 592 Seed Health Management 2
STB/HORT 543 Seed Physiology 2
STB/AGRON 547 Seed Production 2
STB/AGRON 534 Seed and Variety, Testing and Technology 2
STB/AGRON 539 Seed Conditioning and Storage 2
STB/AGRON 595 or STB 596X Quality, Production and Research Management 3
STB 596X Innovation Management in the Seed Biotechnology Industry 3
STB/BUSAD 508 Accounting and Finance 3
STB/BUSAD 501 Strategy and Planning 2
STB/BUSAD 507 Organizational Behavior 2
STB/BUSAD 503 Information Systems 2
STB/BUSAD 504 Marketing and Logistics 3
STB/BUSAD 509 Seed Trade Policies and Regulation 3
STB 599 Creative Component 2