Uyen Cao Chu

Urbandale, Iowa
DuPont Pioneer- Research Associate

Tell us about your experience as an online learner within the Seed Technology and Business program.
I just started the program, and so far, I am enjoying what I’ve been learning. Online learning is a challenge for me but it is very interesting and relevant to my job.

Why did you choose to pursue ISU’s Masters in Seed Technology and Business?
My family moved to the Unites States a few years ago right after I finished my bachelor’s degree. My degree is in physics and I was fortunate when I got the job at the Biotech Agriculture Company – DuPont Pioneer. The more I work with tissue culture, the more I want to find out what is really behind this life we are living. As a busy full-time employee, it is not easy to attend classes on campus, so, online learning was the only option for me. I came upon the Seed Technology and Business program at ISU.  I was very pleased when I checked out the program because, I can not only learn about seed science, but can learn about the business side of things as well. This will help me gain a better understanding of the seed industry and will improve my knowledge and skills in my job.

What advice do you have for future online students thinking about applying to the program?
I am pretty new to the program but I would definitely encourage anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge about the seed industry to take a good look at this program. Also, do not hesitate to contact the faculty in the program. In my experience, they will try their best to help you in any way they can.

What have you enjoyed most about the faculty you work with within this program?
The faculty I have worked with have been very helpful. They respond to my emails promptly and I appreciate their help very much. With their assistance, I am finally a successful student in this program. Being a student in this program means a lot to me because I worked for two years to be accepted to study.

Was online learning the right choice for you?
I didn’t want to sacrifice my full time job in order to continue my education, so, the STB online program fit nicely into my busy schedule. I can still do the job I love and continue to grow as a seed industry professional.

What are your future plans after finishing your master’s degree?
As of right now, I enjoy my work in the lab. Also, managing things around the lab was a strong interest of mine. After I finish my degree I might have a chance to move to different areas in the company in order to challenge my business management skills.