Emily Tobin

Pasco, Washington
Agronomist, Emerging Leader Program- DuPont Pioneer

Tell us your story into the world of agriculture. Why did you choose this career path?
I grew up in a small farming town in Eastern Washington, the desert side of the Evergreen State. I live in the Columbia Basin, a fully irrigated area at the fork of 3 major rivers. We grow a variety of crops but the big ones include: potatoes, onions, hay, wheat, apples, grapes and a variety of vegetable seed crops. My love for agriculture began when I spent time with my Dad on Sundays checking water and picking fresh fruit for lunch, I loved it! He worked for the irrigation district as the relief rider on Sundays where he rode all the ditches. When it came time to go to college I decided to pursue an agriculture degree because there were so many different careers that I could choose with a degree in agriculture. I now work for a hybrid seed company in my hometown.

Tell us about your experience as an online learner within the Seed Technology and Business program so far.
I have had a very good experience with the program so far. There are plenty of resources to help learn all of the material and the professors are always available for questions. I like that it can be done in my time, especially since my schedule is hectic this time of the year.

Why did you choose to pursue ISU’s Seed Business Management Certificate?
I chose the program at ISU because of the reputation the school has within the industry. Iowa State is one of the best Ag schools in the country. The knowledge I will gain from taking classes here is invaluable. When I first inquired about the program I was really impressed with all of the help I received and the program information available. It helped me decide whether or not the program was right for me.  I didn’t really look into other programs; I had my mind set on Iowa State.

As a new student in the program, what are you most looking forward to about the online curriculum?
I am excited to use what I learn in class during my work day. I will benefit greatly from the curriculum that has been set for this degree. It relates directly to my current role. The classes will help improve my managerial skills and improve my knowledge of the industry.

Why was online learning the right choice for you?
Online learning was the right choice for me because of the schedule I have from March through November. I decided I wanted to learn more about the seed industry without going back to school full-time. I needed a program that allowed me to keep up with crazy hours at work AND have time for school. So far it has worked out great!