The fall 2023 semester brought some special celebrations for the Online Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business. Sharing a little about each graduate from the program demonstrates how special these #seedleaders are.

Zhang Gang, Seed Production Manager at Clover Seed Co. Ltd.
Gansu province, China

Zhang Gang defended his creative component from China entitled Study on prevention measures of bacterial fruit blotch in Jiuquan curcurbit seed production greenhouse testing in October of 2023. Zhang has previously been featured as an international student in our student profiles, read more about his story on our website. Congratulations to Zhang on his achievement!

“The STB program offered me an opportunity to see the full picture of seed industry. Concepts and knowledge brought by the STB program can be used not only for cereal, vegetable and flower crops, but also for your life.”

-Zhang Gang, STB fall graduate

Janelle Theobald, Global Parent Planning Excellence Manager at Corteva
Johnston, Iowa

Another congratulations goes out to Janelle Theobald, who travelled to Ames in November 2023 and successfully defended her creative component, Understanding the effect of planting date on the yield response of hybrid sunflower seed production in Sacramento Valley, California, in person. Congratulations, Janelle!

“The Seed Technology and Business program at Iowa State University not only enriched my understanding of the seed industry but also encouraged my curiosity of global agriculture”

-Janelle Theobald, STB fall graduate

Angela Latcham, Senior Director Global Seed Operations Support Team, at Corteva Agriscience
Johnston, Iowa

Angela Latcham also travelled to Ames to defend her creative component on campus. We enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Angela about her experience as an STB student. With many years in the program, she shared positive reflections about her journey. Great job, Angela!

“I did not come from an ag background, so the STB program gave me a great overview of seed business as a whole. I gained a much better understanding of all facets of the industry. STB has given me the knowledge and experience to help me with my career at Corteva Agriscience”

-Angela Latcham, STB fall graduate

Greg Rich, Senior Automation Engineer at Bayer Crop Science
Chesterfield, MO

Our last celebration is for  Greg Rich who joined us on campus to present  his creative component, Analytic Validation for Research Equipment in November of 2023. Congratulations, Greg!

“This program has helped to connect my engineering background more firmly in the research agricultural industry. I am now able to better understand the asks of seed breeders and researchers when there is a need for a new technology or automation both in the field and in the lab”

-Greg Rich, STB fall graduate

Congratulations to all our #Seedleaders on their accomplishments! We wish you well in your new chapters as STB graduates!

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