Chris Varner, IPSA Board of Directors and STB Alumna

DF Seeds LLC. President and Former IPSA President, Chris Varner, is all about building relationships. Being the president of an independent seed company in Dansville, Michigan, she values the relationships she builds by being a part of organizations like the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA). Varner has served on the Board of Directors of IPSA for the last 6 years. Membership and being active in IPSA fosters relationships and educational opportunities for all seed industry professionals.

Continuing education has always been an important thing for Varner. She recently completed an online Master’s degree in Seed Technology and Business (STB) through Iowa State University (ISU). Chris started the STB program in the fall of 2010 and felt it was a great way for her to cement all aspects of the seed industry together.

“I had a firm foundation in the seed industry but getting my masters with ISU’s Seed Technology and Business program was a great way to bring it all together. I am a much more diverse and well-rounded person for having had the experience.” – Chris Varner, STB Alumna

The STB program’s mission is to provide training for seed industry professionals in both seed science and technology, as well as seed business management. Varner says the business side of things was what drew her to the program most. “The business classes were extremely useful to me as most of my professional experience has been in seed production,” says Varner.

As president of DF Seeds LLC., Chris was able to use what she learned in the program to make a difference in her company right away. “I was able to implement changes to policies and procedures from knowledge gained from the program.”

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