November 2017

The Seed Technology and Business (STB) Graduate Program at Iowa State University (ISU) successfully launched their first Seed Science & Technology short course on November 06, 2017. The week-long short course, a companion course to the Seed Business Management short course scheduled for February 2018, was well attended by seed industry professionals from across the United States.

Participants of the Seed Science & Technology short course held Nov. 6-10, 2017, in Ames included:  Gino Beltran, DuPont Pioneer; Cindy Robertson, short course coordinator; Mark Streenz, DuPont Pioneer; Michelle Griffith, DuPont Pioneer; Veria Alvarado, Stoller Enterprises, Inc.; Alan Gaul, short course instructor; Anna Rief, DuPont Pioneer; Bryan Bender, Biddick, Inc.; Sharon Tusiime, Iowa State University; Katelyn Lichte, DuPont Pioneer; Sarah Schalm, DuPont Pioneer; Koste Yadeta, DuPont Pioneer; Hannah Neuenschwander, Monsanto; Crystal Wells, John Deer Co.; Charles Morris, BASF Ag Solutions; Mike Stahr, short course instructor, Gary Munkvold, short course director; Susana Goggi, short course instructor; Chenglai Wu, Iowa State University.  Participants not pictured: Noelle Hinrichs, Iowa State University.

The Seed Science & Technology short course was the first of its kind to be offered through the Seed Science Center (SSC) at Iowa State University (ISU). Seed industry experts, Dave Langer, DuPont Pioneer and Stephen Smith, DuPont Pioneer started off the week contributing their years of experience in Seed Production, Crop Improvement, and Variety Development. Faculty from the SSC worked with participants to increase their understanding of Seed Health, Variety, and Quality Testing, Seed Physiology, and Post-Harvest Management.  The week-long short course included an industry tour as well as tours of several ISU campus facilities.

“This short course was wonderful in giving me an overall view of the science behind the scenes and how it impacts my role in the seed industry. It has a lot of great information that was presented in a relevant way.”    Sarah Schalm, DuPont Pioneer

“We had extremely positive feedback from our first Seed Science and Technology short course,” said Gary Munkvold, STB program director and professor of plant pathology and microbiology at Iowa State. According to short course participant Anna Rief of DuPont Pioneer, the amount of information provided by seed industry experts as part of SST short course made for a good career investment. “The short course was a great overview of the science behind the processing of parent seed and the process it takes to get to the farmer. The amount of valuable information I received in one short week was well worth it,” she said.

The STB short courses are offered through the Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business and are hosted at the Seed Science Center located on the ISU campus. The center houses the most comprehensive public seed testing laboratory in the world and is recognized globally as a leader in seed research, testing and education.

For more information, or to register for future Seed Science & Technology or Seed Business Management short courses, visit: or contact us at, ph. 515-294-6947.  Seating is limited.