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Seed Business Management Graduate Certificate Program

The objective of this Seed Business Management Graduate Certificate is to provide students with core graduate level management and leadership skills that will enable them to better serve seed and agricultural biotechnology businesses and regulatory agencies, their customers and their stakeholders, in an increasingly complex environment. In addition to mastery of the business analytical procedures, the students will learn how seed value is created and delivered in market economies, and how government regulation impacts the delivery of value to customers, the appropriate scope of effective regulation, and various ethical approaches to regulation. The introductory course will introduce certain economic and ethical topics that are useful in the understanding of seed and biotechnology regulation and policy. Regulatory issues will be considered in depth in the capstone course on Seed Trade, Policies and Regulation.

The Seed Business Management Certificate content will be approximately half of the content of the Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business. The certificate may be either the final objective of the student or an intermediate stop on his/her way to a master’s degree. The content of the course on Seed Trade, Policies, and Regulation will be unique to this program. This material will provide the basis for strategic thought about the seed industry from either the viewpoint of a participant or a regulator.

For information about tuition and fees for this certificate see our Tuition and Fees page.

Admissions Procedures
Similar to our master of science candidates, we will require certificate candidates to fill out an application for admission and submit a resume and essay answers. See our Admissions page for more information.

Seed Business Management Courses
The courses in the certificate program are offered by the same professors that teach the courses in the Seed Technology and Business masters program. In many cases the students will be in the same sections. For a complete listing of course descriptions, check out our Course Descriptions page.

Required Courses:

STB/AGRON 535 Introduction to the Seed Industry 1
STB/BUSAD 508 Accounting and Finance 3
STB/BUSAD 501 Strategy and Planning 2
STB/BUSAD 507 Organizational Behavior 2
STB/BUSAD 503 Information Systems 2
STB/BUSAD 504 Marketing and Logistics 3
STB/BUSAD 509 Seed Trade Policies and Regulation 3
TOTAL   16