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Seed Science and Technology Certificate Program

The objective of this Seed Science and Technology Graduate Certificate is to provide graduate level study in the science and technology used in the seed industry. This certificate is oriented toward individuals with a business background who want to understand the technical side of their industry in more depth so they can better apply their knowledge, skills and experience. Seed science in this case includes not only the science associated with seed production and use, but also plant breeding and plant biotechnology. The course in Quality, Production and Research Management will address special aspects of operational management of the technical side of the business.

The Seed Science and Technology Certificate content represents approximately half of the content of the Master of Science Seed Technology and Business program or 19 credits. The certificate may be either the final objective of the student or an intermediate stop on his/her way to a master’s degree.

For information about tuition and fees for this certificate see our Tuition and Fees page.

Admissions Procedures
Similar to our master of science candidates, we will require certificate candidates to fill out an application for admission and submit a resume and essay answers. See our Admissions page for more information.

Seed Science and Technology Graduate Certificate Courses
The courses in the certificate program are offered by the same professors that teach in the Seed Technology and Business masters program. In many cases the students will be in the same sections. For a complete listing of course descriptions, check out our  Course Descriptions page. The courses offered as part of this certificate are:

Required Courses:

STB/AGRON 535 Introduction to the Seed Industry 1
STB/AGRON 536 Quantitative Methods for Seed 2
STB/AGRON 510 Crop Improvement 3
STB/PL P 592 Seed Health Management 2
STB/HORT 543 Seed Physiology 2
STB/AGRON 547 Seed Production 2
STB/AGRON 534 Seed and Variety, Testing and Technology 2
STB/AGRON 539 Seed Conditioning and Storage 2
STB/AGRON 595 Quality, Production and Research Management 3
STB 596X Innovation Management in the Seed Biotechnology Industry 3